Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Our team is highly experienced in all Immigration Law matters. We count numerous successful immigration law cases for any type of Visa (e.g. Employment Permit, EU Permit, Permanent Residency).

1. Acquisition of a Cyprus Citizenship

a. Naturalisation Based on Years of Residence

b. Naturalisation as a Spouse of a Cypriot Citizen

c. Citizenship Due to Cypriot Origins

2. Third Country Nationals Residency Permits

a. Employment Permit for non E.U. Nationals

b. General Employment

c. Intra-corporate Transfer

d. Start-up Employment Permit

e. Family Reunification Permit

f. Visitors Permit

3. Third Country Nationals long term residency permits

a. Categories A-F

b. Permanent Residence Permit (Regulation 6.2) - Accelerated Procedure

5. Embassy Services

6. International Citizenship and Residence Programs