Immovable Property Law

Immovable Property Law

Real Estate sector in Cyprus is booming due to the large interest from international buyers. Therefore, the professional advice and assistance to buyers and sellers is necessary. Our team is ready to consult you on the following areas:

If you are a buyer:

1. Legal advice in respect of any property transaction in Cyprus

2. Drafting of Contract of Sale

3. Negotiation of the terms and conditions of Contract of Sale

4. Due diligence report on property

5. Application to the District Office to obtain the necessary permit to acquire property

6. Land registry services including Stamp Duty

7. Tax advice on immovable property taxes

If you are a seller:

1. Expert advice on Capital Gains Tax planning

2. Drafting of Contract of Sale

3. Capital Gains Tax declaration

4. We will handle all your bills that will have to be paid in order to clear the property, (Municipality taxes, Sewerage, Property taxes etc)

5. Land registry services